The Way Back

theWayBackCoverThe Way Back

By Sam Rose, CN MS

The Way Back is a stirring, tender-hearted tale
that will forever alter your perception of health.

Hey America!
Want to get healthy and stay that way?

Wonderful book on healing yourself and the planet!
I rarely read novels, but this is a self-help book in disguise! I loved this book because every bit of it will help you understand how to be healthy and stay that way. It’s filled with terrific advice and is engaging and well written. The author writes from his heart, in a well-crafted, informative way that will keep you turning the pages until the very end.
– Beth Greer, Co-founder of The Learning Annex and Author of Super Natural Home: Improve Your Health, Home, and Planet–One Room at a Time

This book is a game-changer!
Everyone would benefit from reading this wonderful book but it should be mandatory reading for every man once he hits 40! The lessons it contains are both clear and convincing. The book tells a beautiful tale of transformation that anyone should be able to relate to. I am holding onto the book so that I can reread it at least once a year!
– K. Schwengel, Legendary teacher

Inspiring read!
I love this book! What The Celestine Prophecy was for the mind, The Way Back is for the body. What a thoroughly enjoyable read. The journey the urban Sam goes through as he finds his way back to his body and his spirit is inspiring – and imitable.
– C. Swirkal, Massage therapist

A must-read to maintain good health!
What a special book! I’ve read many dry, how-to books on health that are like lectures that just leave my head spinning. But the lessons woven into the author’s personal adventure are simple and powerful. This engaging story taught me so much and has really inspired me to take better care of myself and live a healthier life.
– E. Crystal, Retired teacher

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