The Way Back to Vibrant Health

High above Topanga Canyon, an old Indian tends his garden. In the house, a worn, leather-bound notebook rests on a shelf. Hiding inside is the truth about Man’s place in nature’s grand design and the secret to perfect health.

In his new book, The Way Back – Heal Your Self, Heal The World, nutritionist Sam Rose, CN MS weaves powerful self-care lessons into an adventure that will forever alter your perception of health and your understanding of the powerful link that exists between you and planet Earth.

A struggling songwriter becomes a new father and scores a hit record on the very same day. But with opportunity calling, he is too exhausted to answer. His passion and creativity have vanished and the steady stream of music that once flowed freely through his mind is now bone dry. In desperation he answers a cryptic ad and is drawn into an all encompassing adventure that takes him beyond the facade of the man-made world to the one nature designed. There he discovers hidden truths that will not only save him, but are sure to enlighten and inspire you to set your own transforming course toward greater well-being. This stirring, tender-hearted tale of one man’s awakening is both rich parable and enriching resource.

The Way Back – Heal Your Self, Heal The World 

When was the last time you felt truly alive?